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The NHM Reader app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones and Android Tablets enables users to read books in Tamil, one of the major Indian languages and also English, in a simple and easy to use interface. You can read some books for free and also purchase books that you like from a selection of books and can access the purchased books across multiple devices.  
The main features of NHM Reader include:

  • Access to a range of free books in Tamil and English
  • Option for Simple and Advanced Search to locate interesting books by Title, Author, Subject, Publisher, Keywords, Year and Price.
  • Ability to shop for a variety of Tamil and English books, including literary novels by national award winning authors
  • Downloading and reading free book samples for all books - the first chapter is available free to all to read before deciding to buy the book
  • Option to select the font size, screen background and brightness for optimal reading experience
  • Turning pages back and forth with animation by flicking or tapping on either side of the screen
  • A separate section to quickly access the books that one is currently reading
  • Ability to organise one's library into user-defined shelves for convenience
  • Option to search for books within one's own collection of free and purchased books
  • Setting bookmarks within books
  • Option of adding upto 4 devices to every user account
  • Synching last page read and bookmarks across multiple devices linked to the user's account
  • Ability to delete books from the device at any time and redownload them later at any time for free

Please go through the instructions below for using NHM Reader. If you need any further help or have any questions, feel free to contact us at nhmreader@nhm.in at any time. 

Using NHM Reader
Home Screen for Un-Registered Users
This is the page you will land on after you have downloaded the NHM Reader app from the App Store.

  • The Search icon takes you to the screen with both basic and advanced search options
  • The Login icon brings up the menu where you can Register if you are a new user; Login if you are already a registered user; Register your device if you are using an additonal device; and Request a new password.
  • The NHM logo at the centre is the Home icon. Tapping on this will bring you to the Home screen from other screens.
  • Tap on the Free icon to display all the recently added free books
  • Tap on the Paid icon to display all the recently added paid books that one can buy
  • Tap on any book to view the details of the book and read the first chapter for free.
  • To access the full range of features on the NHM Reader, you need to register with your email ID and also register your device. At any time you are allowed to use up to 4 devices on your account.

Login and Registration Menu

  • Tap on the Login button to bring up the Menu
  • The User Registration button takes you to the Registration screen to create your NHM Reader account.
  • The Login button brings up a pop-up to type in your email and password
  • The Device Registraton button brings up the screen where you can register additional devices. Your will need to register your first device at the time of registering your NHM Reader account.
  • The Forgot Password button brings up a pop-up to type your email and request a password reset.

Home Screen for Registered Users.
This is the page you will land on after you have logged in. On the top bar, you can see four icons. At the top left are the