"Google Chrome" Extensions support - A minor issue with "NHM Writer" and a quick fix




As you know, software.nhm.in team keeps tracking the latest developments in the Web and Language technology and comes with the solutions for the users in case of any issues arising out these developments.

We were the first to release an updated version (NHM Writer to enable the "NHM Writer" users type in Google Chrome.

Now there is an another develoment with regard to Google Chrome.

Google Chrome now supports Extensions.

To enable this support,  type chrome://extensions/ in the Google Chrome Address bar and goto "Extensions Gallery".


When testing some of the extensions, we found a minor compatibility issue of "NHM Writer" with "Google chrome" extensions. 


To recreate this scenario,  

1. open any chrome extension with a text area to type. (You can try "Chrome Bird" extension, an extension that helps you to tweet)

2. Press the toggle key to enable typing in your language through "NHM Writer".


You may notice that the window of the particular extension may hide and focus will be on the main chrome window.


To overcome this issue, 


1. Click somewhere outside the chrome window (say "Task bar")

2. Click the particular chrome extension shortcut in the chrome window

3. Set cursor focussed on the text area of the chrome extension where you want to type

4. Press the toggle key to enable typing in your language through "NHM Writer"

5. Start typing.


We will try to fix this issue in NHM Writer in the next updated version in the near future.